Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i don't really want Diablo Cody to die

It's raining in the mountains, today. I turned off the goddamn air conditioner and opened every door and window this house has. It feels wonderful. I took the dogs out back and we ran around a bit. getting wet and whatnot. I keep thinking of Diablo Cody. I want to strangle that whore with a guitar string. Mark Montano, too. I guess jealousy would drive anyone to homicide, though, so i shouldn't feel too bad.

Bekki and I watched Juno the other night. That's why I bring Cody up. Great movie. I tend not to flock to the trendy looking flicks, but this one hit the nail on the head. (We actually saw Old School with Will Ferrell in the theater and walked out, AH!) The writing in Juno was as breathtaking as an asthma attack. Kudos to you, Diablo Cody. Kudos indeed.

As I was running around with the pack in the backyard I noticed a pile of bricks. If Diablo Cody was here I could push her and say she slipped on the wet grass. Maybe she'd hit her head and die. I wonder if she'd like that. . .

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a passive observer said...

I liked the movie too. Im usually not interested in the trendy flciks either, but it was a free ticket, so whatever. I dont know it the screenplay was Oscar worthy but it did alright for my tastebuds. Funny post. Oh, and thanks for the comments!