Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Open Letter to the Playwrights of California

Wow! That sounds inclusive, right? An Open Letter to a Few Asian Playwrights Who Sometimes Read This Blog would have been more honest, but I think I made the right choice. I could have titled it An Open Letter to All Asian Americans. Now, THAT would have been a tad presumptuous (just a tad, mind you). Linguistics aside, I would like to publicly thank that small demographic that make up my audience (don't laugh) for their tireless support these past two months. A previous blog, The Hillbilly Speaks , was my first to reach 10 comments (can anyone make that 11?). I think two of them were from myself, but thank you anyways. Also, my page has been viewed 500 times, now. I went to bed last night and it said 499. I think I know who that special barrier-shattering (don't laugh) visitor was! Prince! Come on down and see what you've won! A lifetime supply of patronage delivered at a feverish pace of 25 times a day!

And, Prince , I fully admire your willingness to retire our shtick before it grows stale (or has it already?), but I must not close this dialogue without declaring my disgust for sports. Alas, the only balls I touch are my own.

And, Madley , your interest in this ongoing opera (ah, yet another Italian accomplishment) is greatly appreciated. I visited your blog today. I was just about to comment on your honey post, but started to sob uncontrollably. And then I went and ate sum honey.


Jon said...

Alas, the only balls I touch are my own.

Reminds me of summer camp.

Peter Varvel said...

My Japanese middle name, "Tadashi," was shortened to 'Tad' as a kid growing up in California, so my very first email address became 'justatad at whatevermail dot com.'
And I am extremely apathetic about sports.
Thanks for stroking my, um, ego today, Mr. Valentino.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

"Alas, the only balls I touch are my own."

...I'll make sure that changes soon.

Madley said...

I would've been just as happy with your more honest "An Open Letter to a Few Asian Playwrights Who Sometimes Read This Blog" -- because that would've been me!! Woo hoo!! I qualify to be on the same page somewhere as Prince James Dean!!

Butt... sorry, BUT to get my own shout out -- I'm over the moon! (Sorry can't over the ass jokes tonight... you two just do that to me.)

And to think you had sum honey on me... BRAVISSIMO!

(BTW even if you and your BFF Prince take a break... I'll be hoping/watching for more. I'm nothing if not loyal.)

Michael DeAntonio said...

Madley- I actually assumed you were from Cali. You know what assuming does. . . get it, more ass jokes?