Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Penis Envy (Part II)

But when they did finally focus, I've got this huge fleshy "prosthetic" staring me in the face. Now that's not a position I'm too comfortable with normally, but considering the circumstances this was rather amusing. The 10 inch flesh colored prosthetic had a suction cup placed behind the "base" and was stuck to Alabama's bumper. He laughed and said Huckleberry. Apparently it's an ongoing gag between the two. One leaves said prosthetic for the other to find in some unusual place. Then the other tries to top that. I questioned whether it was hers and got the expected runaround.

We both agreed that said prosthetic placed on the back bumper was funny, but inappropriate. Hood ornaments belong on the front of the car. Not the rear bumper. So after correcting her error we concluded that Rolls Royce ought to ditch their winged mascot (The Spirit of Ecstasy).

We had a good laugh. We paused. And then we laughed a little bit more just to cover up the awkwardness of it all. I told him if he got pulled over by the Fuzz to play stupid. Well, he did and, of course, he played stupid right up to the hilt. In a small sleepy town the police have nothing better to do. Nothing better to do than question unusual auto body work. They never seem to question those mud flaps with the naked ladies on 'em. I wonder if there is some lingering homophobia around these parts. That or they've never heard of penis envy.



Peter Varvel said...

"Then the other tries to top that."
At least Alabama didn't try to bottom that (in front of you, anyway).

Mike Valentino said...

I hadn't thought about that. Yes, his butthole would indeed be an unusual place for Huckleberry to find the "prosthetic".

quin browne said...

*humming loud to not think about buttholes and boys*

mike... you do make me giggle. thanks!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Is Alabama hot?