Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am a sex symbol

Alright, alright, alright.

My wife asked me the other day why I didn't put my real last name on my blog. First off, it's not because I don't want those who know me to find out all the horrible, terrible, no good things I say, because trust me they already know. Steve Ignorant once said, "If you're worried about what people are gonna say or think about ya then you'd better forget it now, 'cause whatever you do they're gonna slack* you off and criticize you into the ground". I agree.

Secondly, anyone who knows me knows how proud I am of my name and heritage. The world WAS built by Italians, wasn't it? So don't think I'm pulling an Allan Stewart Konigsberg on anyone(yeah, that's Woody Allen's real name, crazy right?) I, not at all unlike Mr. Allen, thought that my given surname might be a tad hard to remember - if anyone, you know, ever wanted to remember my name in the first place.

So I publicly scrapped DeAntonio and opted for Valentino as my nom de plume. Why Valentino? Because Rudolph Valentino was the first male sex symbol the world had ever known (and also Italian, but aren't the two sort of inseparable?) Also, there's already a pseudo-famous published writer by the name of Michael DeAntonio (he wrote some book about chocolate I think). I don't think we're related, but if we are just drop me a line, Big Guy. So there you have it. Oh, and my picture is currently of Rudolph Valentino, not myself. But that is a pretty cool bow tie, right? I thought so.

*i don't know what he says there. it might be slag, but whatever it is, you get the picture.

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