Thursday, June 5, 2008

We should take people who fight dogs and let them fight each other. . . to the death.

Has anyone heard that story about the guy that shot someone's dog with a bow and arrow? The dog died, the owners pressed charges and the scumbag's in court right now. I don't care if my dog was eating someone's baby, if anyone shot my special little man I would walk over to their house, politely knock on their door and when they answered I would put a shotgun to their head and blow their brains all over their living room. If anyone has this guy's name and address, I might just shoot him while I'm at it.

Where do people get off thinking they can run over roaming cats in their cars for a laugh? Why do people view pets as disposable property? They're members of the family. For Christ's sake, they're not negroes, they're pets! They should be loved and cherished. I know not everyone has the same insane love for domestic animals that I do, but they should respect me and my small collection of firearms enough to never mess with me and mine. That goes for little kids who throw rocks, too. Don't make me get the dualie.

I've got the best dog in the world right now. He's a six year old Rat Terrier. Ratties are small, compact dogs with large personalities. Just imagine all the loyalty and tenacity of a APBT in a family size companion. That led me into thinking. . . what if you mixed a Rattie with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (not the large AmStaffs, but the smaller English version). I wondered what it would look like and so I went along my noble quest for knowledge. I scaled the mountains of Tibet and brought back this picture of a Raffie (or Ratshire as they are more commonly known):

Aside from being noticeably stockier, the body greatly resembles the Rattie. The long skinny legs, the rat-like feet and the black and white coloring are all stereotypically Rattie. The face is where the Staffie comes out. The nose is more muted and the mouth and neck much wider than a normal Rattie. This is a truely awesome dog. Also, upon my decent from the Tibetan mountain of Whatever, I crossed paths with a lonely hermit fella who offered me a toke of his opium pipe and a picture of this wild specimen:

The Jack Staff or Jackfordshire Russel

I don't know where this lonely hermit peasant got this picture (possibly google), but thank you, wherever you are. Also, for the purists among us and mainly for my own viewing pleasure I must include some pictures of the full bred versions.

Here is a Rat Terry:

Here is a Staffordshire Terry:

Here is a Bradshaw Terry:

Breeding dogs just brings in more puppies to flood the market when there are already hundreds of thousands of strays and unwanted pets who get put down each year. I would never buy a dog from a breeder or pet store when you've got doggie-Auschwitz down the road at your neighborhood vet's office. But if I were to breed a dog, I'd probably mix the Rattie, Staffie, throw a Blue Heeler in for good measure and call it the Charleston Terrier. Hell, why is Boston the only town with it's own dog? Anyways, I'll sign off with a quote:

"You can judge the progress of a society by the way they treat their animals".

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Crystal Smith said...

I love my dog more than anything in the world, so I think that people who abuse animals should get the death penalty! And a good punishment for someone who participates in dog-fighting would be for someone to cover the person with meat and lock them in a cell with the dogs they were forcing to fight...seems fair to me! (Thanks for commenting on my play, by the way...I'm so glad you liked it!)