Monday, July 21, 2008


I wrote a blog a few years back about chil'ren labeling themselves with their clothing. My friend Steve thought it was hilarious and upon seeing a re-flux in these offenses, I thought it would be wise to revisit this issue. So here it goes:

Why is it that girls with the biggest, sloppiest asses wear those tiny little shorts with the words on the back? They're always making some half-truth or blatant lie concerning the shape and/or attractiveness of said ass. Juicy? Not when the backfat's rolling up and out the top of your Daisy Duke's to form a mushroom cloud.

And what about when the ass IS actually Juicy? Are the shorts really necessary? Do you really need to broadcast it, ladies? Trust me, men were sizing you up and categorizing you in their heads based on mere physical attractiveness long before you stenciled your low self-esteem on the back of your britches.

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Misty Harris said...

Damn, I just saw this post and must admit you addressed this Very Important Topic with far more zing. But it seems great minds think alike, in any case: