Sunday, July 6, 2008

Police are Horrible People

So I went to see the fireworks in Columbus. It was nice. Bekki and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. What stood out more than the $5 lemonade or the sheer volume of pregnant teens happened near the end of our outing. We're sitting on some street corner waiting for the fireworks to start. There are children everywhere. Families are everywhere. The place is packed. Then this cop car pulls up like he's going to do a drive-by on us and parks at the mouth of this blockaded street. He steps out of his patrol car looking like some slimy villain from Kindergarten Cop with this big cigar dangling from his fat bottom lip. And what does he do with it? He throws it on the street. He throws a lit cigar on the street. I guess abiding by the law only applies to those without guns on their hips.

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AlenaRosa said...

I unfortunately have to agree that for the most part those who are assigned the responsiblity of enforcing the law tend to act above it.