Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maverick McCain Lets the Colored Folk Speak

Everyone's over-exaggerating what John McCain said the other night during the debate. So what if he referred to Barrack Obama as "that one"? It's alot better than some of the things he called Obama during the rehearsal including "my dark-skinned opponent", "that colored fella" and, of course, "that stupid nigger". So what's worse, people? Give McCain a little credit. It's not everyday that a Republican is reduced to debating "the help" on national television.

God Bless John McCain for having the decency to let that "spear chucker" speak. I know that there are alot of folks who are going to call McCain a "liberal" for talking with blacks, but I think the word they're really looking for would be 'Maverick'.


Your wife said...

Of course I don't like McCain, but coming from SC and always having to watch what I say because it might be thought as racist gets old. You know how it is. Since most of the nursing assistants were black that I worked with, I had to make extra sure to never refer to the nursing assistants as a group. Let's say everyone is in a particularly grumpy mood and I ask, "what's wrong with you guys?" That will get the response "What do you mean, you guys?" Gotta love the media blowing things out of proportion. If they create race issues, it just detracts from Obama. Is detracts a word? Oh well. I'm tired and don't want to look it up.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Campbell Brown agrees with you about "that one" and brings up some other good points. Here's the video. (Sorry, you have to watch a stupid commercial before the video plays, but it's worth it.)

Peter Varvel said...

McCain is just using him to get to Michele.

Quin Browne said...

i'm with the wife, again.

and peter, i agree with peter, too.

i have no original stuff today, sorry.