Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For those of you who are new to this blog, the names and events may seem to jumble together. So to avoid any further confusion I have written out a roster of recurring characters.

Prince Gomolvilas is a big-shot playwright from California. He's Asian and he's gay. There's not much more to say about him than that. After conversing with him on numerous occasions I've found him to be overly shallow and materialistic. $5 to anyone who can find a beating heart behind that cold and chiseled exterior.

Peter Varvel is more of Prince's attack dog than an actual side-kick. His humor is more sexually perverse, though he makes numerous religious references. This adds a slight paradoxical charm to an otherwise vicious and visceral man. He has a history with the theater and the performing arts, but, beware, he is an animal first and a homosexual second.

Quin Browne is the sensible side to the Prince and Peter triad of mayhem. She's a pretty captivating writer, but not actually a homosexual. To anyone reading, I'm not a homosexual either. For some reason queers just flock to my charm. I'm not sure why Quin flocks. Perhaps my charm applies to women as well, but my wife doesn't tend to think so.

Misty Harris is a Canadian journalist whose blog, Popcultini, is now seemingly defunct. Her style of riding on the glistening waves that pop culture pushes over the bloated corpses of the modern man is pure euphoria. Popcultini's passing will be felt by all.

I'd also like to big-up The Over-Thinker as well as Louise on the Left, RivaFlowz and Ziggy Za.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

Thanks for referring to my chiseled exterior--I assume, then, that you got those shirtless pictures I sent you.

Your wife said...

I totally can't believe you didn't mention me. I'm never going to comment on your blog again.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Misty, what happened to Popcultini?!?!?!?!?!

Mike Valentino said...

Bekki- Such hostility. I'll make fun of you soon.

Prince- I don't know what the hell happened to Popcultini. One day it was just gone!

Peter Varvel said...

Do I get the $5.00 if I can find his throbbing, beating hard-on?
. . . for you?


Ziggy Za. said...

I finally did it. I got an honorable mention on a total stranger's blog.
I can now die happy.

movin' down the road said...

Ha. I need to go through Peter's archives for the animal stuff....I'm a new reader! Oh wait, I see it in his comment here on your very blog!

Louise Larsen said...

Thank you Mike and Bekki!

A huge, heartfelt shout-out to y'all, too.

Your blog rocks, as well.

I've been remiss post-election with reading/writing my real blog.

I find that, alas, Facebook has sucked me into it's quick-hit vortex, and I'm not challenging myself to read and write like I used to.

I told my husband, just tonight, "Shit. Does it take a crisis for me to read and write my blog again?"

I barely had time to check out Prince's link to royal penis-love, today. Guess I'm not gay enough to care about high class ween anymore.

Anyhow. Thanks for reminding me to stay plugged into the good guys, more. I love ur blog, 2.

Ps. Are you a fan of Lucinda Williams, at all? I just saw her in concert this weekend. I think she's wonderful.

xo Louise

Louise Larsen said...

Ps. Mike: Just re-read your post, here.

What happens if you have a girl? Are you gonna name her Meadow Soprano?

Pss. Got news for ya. Those babies really do end up naming themselves. You'll see. If you stay open, it just happens.

Quin Browne said...

i am here because for every two gay men, there is a straight woman... don't you read the rules??


um... yes.

and, peter...oh, peter is hot. hawt, hot.

and thanks for remembering i'm not gay, and the compliment (i think) that i can write.


one of the triad