Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Tradition Remix

I'm at a loss for words.

The back story.

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Your wife said...

You know I always liked Hank Jr., but after hearing this with you on the radio the other night, I vow to never listen to him again or sing his songs drunk in any bar. I don't care if it is a southern tradition, I'll walk out. FUCK Bocephus. I like how he says he's preaching to the choir and most people have his values. Well then why the hell did Obama win by the electoral college as well as by the popular vote? See, the thing is, I accept that most people around me have what I consider to be ass backward views. I also accept that most of the country singers that I may listen to have these ass backward views, also. I just wish they would keep their silly propaganda to themselves, especially musicians who alienate listeners with their outlandish views. I could care less if he wanted John McCain to win, but screwing up a classic song like that for political means makes me sick to my stomach. Also, it wasn't the "liberals" only who did this bailout, it was "conservatives" also. I'm also getting pretty sick of the word "liberal" being a dirty word as well as "Muslim." At least on this blog I KNOW that I truly am preaching to the choir.