Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Does Anyone Remember Zion?

Or, for that matter, did anyone watch the Larry King interview with Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? I hate to side with the lunatic, but the President did have some very valid points concerning Israel. King didn't seem too pleased with the answers he was getting. Why is it so outrageous to denounce Zion? And why is it so difficult for King to grasp the concept of a government establishing another government in unfriendly territory for financial gain? I guess he's never heard of Operation Ajax .

The concept is really quite simple: Group A rescues Group B from Group C. Then relocate GroupB to a holy land that they haven't inhabited in 3,000 years. Totally ignore the fact that Group D already live there, and if they bitch, kill them. Or better yet, play on their religious zealousness and constantly refer to them as "evil". That's always a nice way to pass the time. Wait a few years and become friends with Group C and use their military weight to crush the defiance of Group D. Then wait until Group B and Group D are too busy killing each other to notice you steal all of their oil. And who will reap the benefits of this global theft?

Probably Larry King. I just don't trust that bastard. Meanwhile, I'm waiting in line for an hour to pay over $4 a gallon for gas. I wish I had a camera with me last night. They had police officers directing a clusterfuck of 100+ cars at the gas station. But even a photograph wouldn't have caught the magic of an SUV full of black women yelling 'muhfucka' at me for supposedly cutting them off. Then I flip to the local news to see that regional auto part stores are selling out of tubing and lockable gas caps at breakneck speed. 1/3 are syphoning gas from the next 1/3 while the final 1/3 are apparently smart enough to buy lockable gas caps to put on their cars. What third do I belong to? None. I'm too busy flipping back to the Larry King interview and ranting about Zion. And I've been around Group A long enough to know that they can't be trusted. And if Larry King is so adamant about restoring aboriginal peoples to their ancient homeland, I know some folks that are interested in Manhattan. Wait, where do you live, Mr. King?


Your wife said...

You are so awesome. Like I said, I feel the passion, I just can't word things like you. As for the gas, I probably won't see you until Friday night, so I'll let you know what I saw today. Hitchhikers were all over the place from running out of gas. People at my work are going to have to have security from my work pick them up tomorrow because they can't find gas. I saw one gas station with gas today (even though I passed like 10 on the way to work) and the cars were backed up ALL the way down the street. People are waiting hours and running out. Cops were all over at the place to direct traffic and keep people from fighting. And you heard about McCain wanting to postpone the debates? The hillbillies at my work think "the government bailout" is John McCain getting trucks to come get us gas and that Obama just doesn't care about us waiting in line for gas. Their stupidity makes me want to take a gun and just start shooting the place up. I stand there and listen to this shit and I want to scream, but there's no point correcting them because they won't listen and of course, they'll shun me. If it wasn't work, I'd lay into them. Anyone who reads this, don't forget us in the South. This gas shit is CRAZY!

Mike Valentino said...

And that's why YOU are awesome. I love you!

Quin Browne said...

i remember the gas shortage in the '70's.... no gas. no gas. huge ass long lines... then, suddenly, gas!

yeah. shortage.

my idea on the whole isreal thing is this.. give it back to the arabs, move the us border on mexico up to la, all along the new mexico, arizona border... let those who are sneaking in here live here, empty out baja california, and move the isreali's there... same climate, and, they'll be closer to family in la and new york, because, really, they do deserve their own country.

i really should work in the united nations.

Mike Valentino said...

But what about the 4 northern states that blacks use to want (and some still do) to secede from the Union to create their own black country? And what about the indians? Oh, wait, they've got their reservations and god knows those are working out smashing.

do you get voted in the UN? If so, you've got my vote.