Monday, September 1, 2008

Coons? Revisited.

So Bekki gets home the other night from work around 12:30 and who should be roaming the street but sum crazy black dude hopped up on PCP! Actually, I'm just assuming he was smoking the old angel dust because he had his shirt off and, of course, because I'm a racist. But what is sum scary looking, muscular black guy doing walking in the middle of our street with his shirt off in the middle of the night? A tad bit odd, don't cha think?

Bekki woke me to help her switch the cars in the driveway. She told me about the strange man, so I grabbed my shotgun and headed outside. Lucky for him I couldn't find him in the dark (what with him being black and all) and the fact that the gun was unloaded didn't hurt. I started asking the hillbillies and Klansmen we call neighbors if they knew where this influx of colored folks was coming from. Apparently the top of the hill behind us is where all the blacks live. I suppose you could call it "uptown".

While we're on the subject of black folk, what's the deal with Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes? Is there sum kind of conspiracy to murder off all famous black people? Weren't they both in an upcoming movie with Samuel L. Jackson? If I were Sam, I'd hide out for awhile. These things often happen in threes, you know.

*If you're just joining us, this post is a continuance of pure satire .
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Quin Browne said...

i am totally with you on the 'dying in threes'

of course, with sam jackson giving away the ending to his new film, yet unreleased film, we may find his dying came as a result of pissed off producers...