Saturday, September 27, 2008

Teddy Roosevelt Teabags McCain!

McCain needs to stop comparing himself to Theodore Roosevelt. If Teddy wanted to light a fart on fire, McCain wouldn't be worthy enough to hold a candle to his buttcheeks. Roosevelt had more integrity and determination concerning himself and his country than John McCain could ever wish for. Also, Teddy was one of the few presidents who was always faithful to his wife. John, didn't you cheat on your- wait, you're married to- and there was a stripper-?

If anyone has the Daily Show clip from 9/25 about the 2 Roosevelts I would love for you to shimmy it over this away. Oh, yeah, and I just devoured another chapter , bitches!


Louise Larsen said...

Teddy Roosevelt would never stop throwing up if he knew McCain was comparing himself to TR.

Remember National Parks? Teddy Roosevelt created them precisely to protect them from oil hungry jerks like Bush/McCain. The comparison just has to stop, it's offensive to the Roosevelt family.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Mike, stop pretending that you know how to read.

And it's finally time to stop pretending that you yourself actually write this blog.

It's all Bekki all the time. I know. I KNOW.

Mike Valentino said...