Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rainy Day Rescue #2 and 13

#2 "Hello? Yes I have your dog. She was wandering around the highway today. She was about to get hit by a semi when I snatched her up. She gets out pretty frequently, huh? You leave the gate open so she can return? You're not sure why she went to the busy streets today instead of the neighborhood streets?" -Bekki on the phone with (un)concerned pet-owner

Maybe that's because dogs lack the reasoning skills that (some) people have!

I met Bekki in the yard this morning to see her cradling a very scared little pooch that was covered in feces. We bathed her (twice) to get the poop from her neck and face. I washed her collar which was covered in poop and wiped the rabies tag clean so we could find a number to call. Bekki soon found out the dog's name (Sadie Mae) and the location of her home (2 blocks from the highway). Sadie Mae soon found a budding friendship with another Southern belle as Dixie made her feel more than welcome to play in the backyard. Ernie, who had to be locked in the computer room, was less welcoming.

Her spotted skin was very apparent, especially when we bathed her. This, coupled with her coloring and face, led us to believe that she is a Jack Russel mix. Her body screams either Dauschund or Basset Hound. A weird combination, I know. After the cat I had to bury a few weeks ago and the German Shepard that ran into the woods off of Highway 70, it was nice to be able to have a successful rescue.

#13 The wife and I finally got to see There Will Be Blood last night. I've been itching to see it for a while and wasn't disappointed. Daniel Day-Lewis was just as phenomenal as he always is. The guy that played Eli was pretty stunning, too. This film brought us back to a conversation we had about another movie we recently saw, Shutter. Joshua Jackson is by no means anywhere close to Daniel Day-Lewis (in the wedding scene he has stubble! who doesn't shave on their wedding day?), but the difference that was the most interesting was the length to which each director went to explain their plot. At the end of Shutter, the director gives you a five minute recap to explain the "twist" as if you're a complete idiot. There Will Be Blood, on the other hand, left us scratching our heads at various occurrences. This leads me to my point. The brilliance of any film (or any other artwork for that matter) is not in any one performance, but in how intelligent the director perceives the audience to be.

The title of this blog is a Bob Dylan reference, just in case that was lost to anyone.


Misty Harris said...

It's a shame you had to give the dog back to its un-deserving owner. Sounds like she was trying to run away from home for a good reason. Poor pup.

Mike Valentino said...

Misty Harris, long time listener, first time commenter?

I know, but the thing is that 90% of pet owners are morons. And, yes, that's a real statistic from the SPCA.

Misty Harris said...

I actually feel like I know you already through Bamboo Nation. haha. But it's only today that I felt ready to come out of the comment closet.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

I think I was going to comment on how funny it is that you put Joshua Jackson and Daniel Day-Lewis in the same sentence, but I am obviously too distracted by that photo of you which teases us with a little bit of skin. Thank god for small miracles.

(I can't wait for Peter to see this.)

And, oh, yes, Misty knows way more about popular culture than even I do, which is an amazing feat unto itself.

Quin Browne said...

hurrah on the save.

now, here's a bit of trivia on 'there will be blood' (which i came over)... paul dano, who played the twins, was, of course, in "little miss sunshine".. the part was to be two different people, and the director changed them to be twins...

dano had three weeks to prepare for the film, whereas day-lewis had a year.

when you take that into account, his intensity and amazing performance are even more awe inspiring.

and, was that not THE best last line, ever???

julienne said...

i saw shutter; i'm glad you know how stupid it is.. and for pointing out JJ's stubble on a wedding day. borderline gay, but still funny.

julienne said...

p.s. i still wanna see there will be blood. i'm too broke to buy/rent so, i'll have to wait till it goes on demand.